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The program consists of:

  • Up to four years of formal postdoctoral training in a program directed by an award-winning educator
  • Exposure to the biotechnology industry's most successful and innovative scientists
  • Opportunities to pursue cutting-edge biomedical research in a prestigious, well-resourced, and highly driven industry environment
  • Weekly postdoctoral scientist meetings to foster scientific rigor, creative thinking, critical reasoning, and career advancement

As part of your Postdoctoral Training Program you will:

  • Conduct forward-looking, innovative, and creative research to address a novel scientific question under the auspices of a scientist mentor
  • Publish and disseminate data via external conferences and peer-reviewed publications
  • Assist with mentoring and teaching interns and other more junior trainees
  • Participate in postdoctoral program activities such as weekly meetings and the annual research conference
  • Present data internally, including at lab meetings, trainee meetings, and company-wide seminars
  • Provide ongoing reports of research progress to supervisor and program staff

Experience and required skills:

  • Doctoral degree in a relevant discipline
  • Scientists looking for their first or second postdoctoral training
  • Superior scientific skills including critical and analytical thinking
  • Demonstrated publication success as evidenced by peer-reviewed publications
  • Ability to interact dynamically and constructively with scientific peers
  • Note: Occasional travel

Application information:

  • Applications Accepted: October 1, 2020 – December 1, 2020
  • Starting October 1st, the links will be provided to apply online
  • Letters of Recommendation are required (please find additional details in the application)
  • Applications received after December 1, 2020 may not be considered
  • Following the close date, please allow 3-4 months for review and interviews
  • Targeted start date: Summer 2021

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